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The organization serves as a supportive and empathetic guide for survivors of violence and trauma, and journeys with them along the path to what we call “true justice and healing”. We provide comprehensive compassionate caring that empowers individuals injured by trauma to find the support and resources they need to achieve healthy healing.

Professional advocates help with grief and pain of traumatic loss, assist in applying for restitution and finding needed resources, offer information and support to navigate the criminal justice system, and provide many other services necessary for recovery from traumatic loss.

Even after the most severe trauma, people want to find healthy healing, they just need a path to it.


If you are hurting and wondering if we can help, please call.

phone 301.219.3421

Please call or email us to talk, ask questions, or get support.


phone: 301.219.3421


The Center for True Justice and Healing (CTJH) is a 501(c)(3) public charity providing support for victims and co-victims* of violence and trauma. We are a faith-based organization whose goal is to help people of all faiths and philosophies to achieve healthy healing in their lives after experiencing injury from violence, natural disaster and other traumatic losses.


* Co-victims are the many family members and friends of crime victims and trauma survivors. Their lives too are injured by the traumatic event, and they too need support and information to create healthy healing.