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The Journey ... home

When violence hits, lives change. Forever. In an instant.
Suddenly, the world is a new, different place.
An unrecognizable one.
The way forward is utterly unknown.
The only comfort often comes from knowing that others have been there,
and know what such a loss is like.
They can be a map and a guide for the journey ahead.

We’ve been there.

journey to healing


All of us have experienced some form of grief and loss. It is a part of life.

If you are suffering the pain of grief and loss we hope this will be a place that will help you begin your journey toward healing and renewed hope. The Center offers comprehensive care for you, and for family and friends who may also need help.

If your loss is the result of violence, we hope you will use this place to begin your journey to justice. We are here to help you with the many needs that result from violent victimization.

If you are seeking to heal from grief and loss in your past – perhaps in order to build or strengthen current relationships, or to find peace in your life – you will find support here.


A message to every survivor: